Hi, my name is Ryan McArthur. I am a bassist, songwriter and session musician with almost 20 years of experience performing as well as a large portfolio of studio work. I was born and raised in South Africa and relocated to London in 2022.
I gig regularly around Europe with my folk punk band The Shabs, make electronic music with my arcade funk project Human Bean Juice, and do session work ranging anywhere between jazz, rock, pop, soul, folk, afrobeat and reggae.
I love songwriting and production and have co-written over 10 album/EP releases.
Over the years I’ve toured Australia, UK, all over Europe, South Africa, Tanzania and Mozambique with various projects.
In 2014 I graduated with honours in Jazz Performance from SACM, winning the prize for top jazz student and the Lyon Prize for ensemble playing. I was also selected as a member of the 2014 Standard Bank National Youth Jazz band, performing with the group at the Grahamstown Jazz festival, Joy of Jazz festival and the Stockholm International Jazz festival. Although I don’t play too much Jazz these days, I feel like it still informs a large amount of my musicality.
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